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Our Staff

Although we are very proud of our technology, facilities and equipment, it is our dedicated and knowledgeable staff that sets us above our competition and makes your visit to our clinic a great experience.

Picture Name / Job Description
Joe DVM Joe Lewis
Joe is the old bull of the office. Having started the clinic, he acts like he owns the place. He orders everyone around except Marcia who makes him tow the line. Sometime between December and March he periodically disappears from the office and can be found on a ski slope in Colorado.
marcia Marcia Lewis
Marcia is the Office manager, she basically does all the stuff no one else wants to do or can do. She pays the bills and oversees the staff and carries around the little black dog affectionately known as Rat.
judy Judy Clanton
Judy is one of the non-owner employees who has been around a long time. She knows private cell phone numbers and commands respect around the office.
Kristen Kristen Norris
Kristen has attended one year of veterinary technician school and has been an employee here since 2010. She performs the following job duties; grooming, front office work, exercising the animals, assisting the doctors in their duties, and kennel work. Has pets at home named Buck and Peppy and her cats.
Bailey Allen

Tonya Hite - Tonya is back at work and doing a great job. She is grooming animals, working the front desk taking appointments, assisting the veterinarian with surgeries and doing kennel work. Tonya has a wonderful personality and is an asset to the clinic. Wea are glad to have her back.





Resident Pets

Resident pets
Picture Job description
MC cat

Alice is in charge of greeting customers. She also likes to sleep on top of the counter computer where it's warm. She loves to be petted and rewards a good petting with affectionate licks on your hand.

Alice also has a unique punishment for any mice that might wander into the clinic. She will catch them, carry them to a water dish and drop them in. She then sits and watches them swim around.

Janie the dog

Our "cattle dog" and friend passed away in May of 2012 at the age of 12 years. she still provides us with many wonderful memories of her personality and tricks.

Janie liked little kids that were eating suckers. She was not very petite and strutted around the clinic like she owned the place. Janie was like a big puppy, always eager for a petting and she always tried to make new friends, she greeted everyone and joined in any gathering.

We miss her!

JC (Joe's Cat)
JC arrived one evening with a mangled leg that had to be amputated. She adjusted to her situation like a professional and has taken up permanent residence in the clinic. Although shown here in her favorite chair, she also likes to harass small lizards found in the rocks outside the clinic's front door.

The Rat (Jazzy) is a little black bundle of energy. Her primary objective is to let everyone know she is here. She can jump up on the tallest desks (sometimes using a chair) steals pencils and also helps herself to cat food in the cages.

Somehow, Jazzy got the amount of energy a whole class of kindergartners should have. And, she uses it!



Kink arrived as a kittenis and is the newest edition to the office staff. She was named Kink because she was born with part of a tail. Very mischievous, she teases the other cats, plays around the office and manages to keep underfoot. Like all cats, she loves to be scratched, petted and made over.She's Bailey's favorite cat.